Tips to adding luxury to your home

If you are thinking of updating the look of your home and would like to add a touch of luxury without a complete renovation, there are a few tricks that can help you achieve the desired result.

Dress your walls
A wall covered with eye catching, beautifully framed works of art can add character and elevate the style of your home. Look for art that pleases you as you will be seeing it daily and choose statement frames to complete the look. If you are looking into starting your own artwork collection, make sure your read this post.
A trend we have seen a lot recently is oversized floral murals. The work of Dutch still life painters is being revived in the shape of overblown wall art – with memorable effects.
Update soft furnishings
Use soft furnishings like cushions, throws and curtains to further elevate the luxurious feel of your home. Continue the style you have chosen for your wall art with either a traditional, modern or eclectic look, but simply choose good quality fabrics and sophisticated textures.
This year, velvet in deep emerald green or blue is one of the most popular and luxurious trends we have seen in terms of soft furnishings, but other good quality fabrics like wool or silk for example never go out of style.
The interior design obsessed might have noticed an obsession with botanical themes – from pineapples to florals and palm trees, so choose good quality pieces that reflect current trends if so inclined.
Illuminating objects
Another quick way to add luxury to your home is looking into lighting objects – a luxurious chandelier can completely upgrade the look of a room with a high ceiling. Choose careful angles to stage the perfect lighting for your home and add statement floor lamps to set the mood and contribute to the luxurious atmosphere.
Recent interior design trends have seen a revival of mid-century designs – so dig out the old 50s and 60s family heirlooms and give them a good polish as good quality vintage style never really goes out of fashion.
Bring some nature in
Fresh flowers and indoor plants and succulents are a great way to add luxury. They keep your home bright and light, as well as improving the aroma and air quality. Using other natural elements such as wood and stone in your decor can also be effective.
Luxury can be affordable and accessible
Luxury is not reserved only for the rich or famous. With creative thinking and hard work, you can indulge in the feeling of opulence you crave.