Times are changing and so are we

Estate agency and the way we buy and sell houses has changed a lot over time. Considering how fast paced normal life has become, shouldn’t agents adapt to give more care to their customers and make it easier on them to make property transactions?
Most of us remember that our parents and their parents bought their homes in a different way to what we do now. The high street ruled supreme as everyone left their home each weekend to go strolling around the shops. It used to form the hub of our communities, selling everything from fresh market produce to quality clothes, furniture, household goods, and even homes.
Estate agents who had their offices on the high street afforded a large amount of success. If you wanted a home, or even if you were just curious about what’s out there, you’d head to their shop window to view the many properties on display. If you don’t see one you like, you go inside to register your interest, and they’d add your name to a hard copy filing cabinet, preparing to send you a letter or give you a call once a suitable home came on the market.
Enter a new era of fast paced life, and a dying high street.
Today’s savvy home buyer/seller/landlord doesn’t have time to hit the high street each week, and wants an easier way of life. Everyday life is already so frustrating and busy, so why make it harder than it needs to be for our customers to reach and connect with us?
Research shows that the high street is now synonymous with frustration; a lack of parking, expensive charges, difficulty navigating and much more has caused most of us to turn our backs on the hassle of high street appointments.
Maplin. Toys R Us. Poundworld. These big brands all have one thing in common: they didn’t adapt to give their customers the service and care they need.  Remaining in hard to reach locations, and not focusing on the relationships and connection they should have with their customers, it became increasingly hard for their customers to buy from them.
This is why, come the New Year, David Lee is taking a new step forward: one towards progress, better and stronger relationships, and an easier and better way of dealing with property transactions for our customers. We’ve chosen to adapt to become something better – a new era of estate agency.
Coming off the high street and moving to a more customer-friendly and accessible office, this move aims to give our customers a better service, a more accessible place to talk and share ideas, and more connected departments to have all your needs taken care of in one, easy to reach location.
Times are changing, and so are we.
Watch out for more information in the coming weeks about our evolution, and how we will be helping customers in a better way than ever before. January 2020, it’s all going to change.