Should you allow tenants to decorate your let?

It isn’t always easy being a landlord and renting out a property for someone else to live in.

Not only are there some issues that can crop up during the course of your rental, but there are also likely to be some questions and requests that your tenants are going to ask too.
One of the most common requests that landlords are asked is whether or not it is okay to decorate the property. So, seeing as this is the most commonly asked question, is this a good idea? Or is it something that you should be saying no to? Let’s take a look at the pros and the cons
A tenant who paints is one who wants to stay
One concern for landlords is that a tenant is going to leave a property and leave their landlord having to find someone else to live there. If your tenant has asked to paint and “personalise” their property, then there is a good chance that they are going to want to stay at the property for some time, which is a plus point for any landlord. Saying no may mean that they end up moving to a house that they can make their own.
They could end up painting it some crazy colour
It makes sense that a landlord is going to be concerned that if they say yes to decorating their home, they could find that it is a completely obscure or random colour. There is, of course, the chance that this may happen, which leaves you having to completely redecorate after they leave, but one simple way to try and make sure that it doesn’t is to ask them to let you know their colour choice and ensure that you give it your approval.
Talk about the other options

If you are really not keen on the idea of letting your tenant loose with a paintbrush in your property, then you could discuss with them some of the alternatives that they could choose instead. There is such a thing as “tenants wallpaper” and whilst this wallpaper is supposed to be able to be removed without leaving any residue or damage to the wall, there could be a real chance that this still may happen. Another alternative are those vinyl stickers that will brighten up a neutral space and give them a chance to make it personal.

It can be hard to balance the aspects of being a landlord. Think about what is right for you, of course, but also try to think about what is right for your tenants too. There is a good chance that your tenant’s requests are something that you can work with, and this could mean that you keep happy tenants who are going to pay their rent and stay in your property for some time.