One location, full service

Discover why we’re changing to a single, easy to reach location for our customers.
Last week we posted about how times are changing, and with that, estate agency is changing. People no longer want the hassle of trying to get to high street appointments, with the hassle of parking charges, lack of parking, traffic jams, and difficult roads. Rather, they want their cares and goals taken care of somewhere easy to reach, and easy to stay.
This is why with the new evolution of David Lee, we have chosen our new office based on two basic principles:
One location            
When we started developing this idea, this was the beginning of it all. Why not make it easy for the average person to discuss, make appointments for, and stay updated with all of their property needs?
We don’t need a complicated system of many different branches, none of whom talk to one another. We only need one location – easy to reach by car, easy to park, and easy to stay without fearing a ticket – to take care of everything you need.
We have found the perfect location, where we can still give not just the same service as before, but BETTER. We know our local areas like the back of our hands, having gained so much experience here over the years, so we know that by being just out of the centre, where most people don’t reside anyway, it’s so much easier to reach us. Our customers will be able to drop in after work, spend as much time as they like, and still have the time and ease to pick the kids up after.
It’s all about taking away the hassle of property transactions.  An agency which is a pleasure to visit.
Full service
This idea is based on communication. We know that many homeowners may also be looking to become landlords (or already are!). Many tenants are looking to buy their own home someday. Many homeowners look for a stable let for their children.
Estate agency is no longer completely separate. Lettings and sales should communicate regularly to ensure that all needs are being met to their best abilities.  Our one location will offer all of your property needs under one roof, with departments sharing information with each other, so you no longer need to talk to one department about your home sale, and another about your let.
One place to have all your needs taken care of. One place to be listened to and cared for. We’ve made it easy, so you don’t need to add to the stress of daily life. Get ready for a new way of doing things.
Watch out for more information in the coming weeks about our evolution, and how we will be helping customers in a better way than ever before. January 2020, it’s all going to change.