Communication, connection, and teamwork

We recently did some research and listened to clients and customers to find out the biggest frustrations they have when making property transactions. In the UK property market, a massive 60% of sellers end up selling their home with the second estate agent they bring on board – why?
Lack of communication
Communication has long been known as the biggest frustration homeowners have with the average UK agent. Sellers don’t know what’s going on, their agent is un-contactable and won’t give them a straight answer. It’s hard to visit the agent’s office, and when they do, the person they were being updated by has gone on holiday, leaving the rest of the staff with no clue about what’s going on with your home.  What happened?
We believe that all of our customers, whether sellers, buyers, landlords or tenants, should know exactly what’s happening within their property transactions, and that as their agent, we are contactable, knowledgeable, and helpful throughout.
Lack of connection
Connection may sound the same as communication, but it’s different. Connection is the relationship you have with your agent, and how comfortable you are with them managing your let, or marketing your home. Real connection can only come about through sitting down with your agent and talking with them about your worries, your goals, and your situation.
While this conversation doesn’t have to happen in person, it should happen. Starting January 2020, we will have an office which is a pleasure to visit, in an easy to reach location with free parking for as long as you need it. For those who can’t visit in person, we make ourselves available via phone and email, or for those wanting to chat out of office hours, it’s easy to start a conversation on our chat feature at
Lack of teamwork
Selling or letting a property requires different skillsets, creative ideas, a wealth of knowledge and experience brought together and for everyone to be working together towards one common goal.
You can really feel when there isn’t solid teamwork happening within a company. How frustrating does it become when you need to discuss whether to sell or let your inherited property and you’re being shuffled between the sales and lettings departments, with neither communicating with each other to understand your needs.
With both of our departments under one roof, and with even the business owners (David and Lee) available to chat to, you can always depend on a connected team to take care of any questions, enquiries, and needs you have with your property.
January 2020                                            
With our new move, we aim to solve the biggest frustrations that people currently have with estate agents. This will be an estate agency like no other – the future of Estate Agency.