Period property vs. new builds: the positives of both

Not much divides opinion among homeowners like the period property vs. new build debate.   Period properties are full of character; they embody ... Read More

Refresh your garden shed in time for the summer!

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Tips to getting a mortgage if you’re a freelancer

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Life hacks: 7 incredible ways to keep your home clean ...

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Confusion among first time buyers could prove to be a ...

But, sadly, new research suggests this is the case among a good proportion of first-time buyers, with many left ‘extremely confused’ when it comes to ... Read More

The beginner's guide to growing your own food at home

Deciding on what to grow could depend on the space you have available. If you don’t have a garden, then you can still grow some ... Read More

Balcony spring inspiration!

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5 ways to make money from your home without buying ...

Earn money from renting out part of your home   If you only need money in the short term ... Read More

Succulents: The Growing Sensation

Rather than simply being standard plants, succulents have become an interior design accessory for many homes and workplaces.   You won’t have to ... Read More

Housewarming parties - the do’s and don’ts!

Moving properties, especially for first-timers, is hard work and worthy of celebration once it is complete. But while you might have some wild ideas of ... Read More

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