Balcony spring inspiration!

With warmer weather ahead, we outline how owners can upgrade limited outdoor space and significantly boost their property’s appeal.

Spring is finally here, we’re anticipating much warmer weather over the coming months. After spending the first part of the year cooped up indoors, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors.
While a lush roof terrace or traditional back garden is preferred, the reality is that many people living in flats and apartments – especially in the UK’s biggest cities – only have small outdoor spaces to work with.
Luckily, there are ways to turn even the smallest outdoor spaces into a place of luxury and comfort. Below, we’ve come up with six ways to bring more life to your small outdoor space and make it summer-ready...
Affordable outdoor flooring
A standard balcony often comprises a concrete floor devoid of personality. However, laying down some interlocking composite wood deck tiles could turn your space into a stylish lounging spot. This type of flooring is easy to install and even easier to remove.
On the other hand, to create your own garden oasis, you could consider installing artificial grass as an alternative – and there’s no need to water it!
Foldable furniture
With space on a balcony likely to be minimal, foldable furniture can help to combat this problem. But, when it comes to picking balcony furniture, keep durability and water-resistance in mind.
Set the right mood...
Adorning your balcony with a string of colourful lights and creative planting can create an authentic garden vibe. Small colourful LED lights, in particular, can give your balcony an ethereal feel on a warm summer night, while a pillar candle or tealight sets the scene with atmospheric lighting.
...With colours
Oranges, pinks, greens and whites will keep your balcony looking tropical. Sticking to a colour theme, complete with scattered cushions and plants, will help bring your small space together.
Colourful accents on furniture are a good way of bringing some low-cost colour to a smaller space, while terracotta cushions with graphic motifs offer a retro feel.
Get the BBQ out
Who says those with small outdoor spaces can’t throw a good barbecue? 
To keep the space, try a hanging grill from the handrail. No barbecue is complete without drinks, so consider a wall-mounted outdoor bar to bring the rest of the party outside.
Faux greens and planters
If you’re not particularly green-fingered, false plants are an effective substitute to actual plants and a great way to introduce greenery to your outdoor space.
Adding planters in an array of colours and textures and placing them on all sides will make the space feel inviting while creating the feeling of being in a garden. For a subtler approach, consider hanging plants on the rails.
Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor space, it’s important to make it a comfortable haven for you and your guests.
If you are selling your home, outdoor space is likely to be a key part of your sales strategy, so you will need to make sure it’s presentable and fit for the spring weather ahead.