A forward thinking agency that still gives a personal service

While we have been making changes within our agency recently, we want to be clear about what we are trying to achieve and why. Mostly, we want our customers to know we are not a hybrid or an online agent, but rather a forward-thinking traditional estate agency.
What makes us forward thinking?
We have moved off the high street to a more accessible office in a better location with free, unlimited parking and access.
We integrate technology into our marketing, communication, and use fantastic digital presentations for valuations, but we still believe in connecting with our customers – listening to them, and finding out their goals and concerns.
We have merged our departments into one (but keeping all of our fantastic staff members!), ensuring great communication and making it easier to get property transactions done than ever before.
Two of these three points are steps that are rare for estate agents to take. Coming off the high street was a momentous evolution for us, as we aimed to shake off the old way of doing things and start to question why do we do it that way?
If the high street is no longer the easiest and best place to reach us, why would we stay there? If our client’s biggest problem is having the time to find a parking space, why wouldn’t we want to solve that for them? Our ultimate goal with each new revolution of David Lee is to make our customer’s lives easier, better, and more convenient.
That’s also why we made the decision to merge the departments into one location. Estate agency is no longer completely separate. Lettings and sales should communicate regularly to ensure that all needs are being met to their best abilities.
Our one location will offer all of your property needs under one roof, with departments sharing information with each other, so you no longer need to talk to one department about your home sale, and another about your let. All our staff members will stay on with us in the new location, so don’t panic if you’ve been communicating with someone specifically.
We will still give a personal, bespoke service to every person who walks through our doors, gives us a call or contacts us online. We will still listen to your needs and worries and go the extra mile to solve them. We want to keep all the best bits of working with our agency, and improve on others.
If you’re not sure about what we’re up to, or why we’re doing it, check out our other blogs or get in touch today, we could be the perfect fit for your 2020 property needs.
Welcome to the future of Estate Agency.